Exclusion Zone Chernobyl in Belarus

To be part of the first group with biologist Edo van Uchelen entering the exclusion zone of Chernobyl in Belarus was very special and unique. The stories about the Ukraine part of the exclusion zone has become well known because of several visits of documentary makers to this area during the last couple of months. But it is not well known that a large part of the 30 km exclusion zone lies across the border in Belarus. This area was closed to the public until April 2019. 95 small villages were evacuated in this area after the disaster on April 26 in 1986. These small villages with most wooden houses are now taken over by nature. I was very lucky to be invited to take part of the first group entering this part of the exclusion zone in Belarus. A lot of stories can be told about this area and my time was to short to experience them all . For me it were three days full of adventure, surprises, alienation and bewilderment.

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